The TVC J-2 are low-cost globe valves.

 Globe Valves

TVC J-2 Specifications

Size Range DN15 - DN80
Pressure Rating 2100 kPa
Temperature Rating Steam 1200 kPa @ 200C
Connection AS2129 Table D to Table H | ASME B16.5 Class 150

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Features & Benefits


The TVC J-2 are low-cost bronze globe valves with screwed bonnets and integral seats for use in general-purpose application areas requiring throttling control and isolation of flow such as hospital services, canteen equipment, agricultural instrumentation, and general industrial applications. The seating faces of the disc and body may be easily reconditioned, if necessary, after extensive use.

Dezincification Resistant

  • BS 5154-1991: Specification for copper alloy globe, globe stop, and check, check, and gate valves.
  • AS 3855: Materials suitable for potable Water Services