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Determining the best valves to use is a decision which can impact project budget and timeframes. The right valve can improve efficiency, minimise operating costs and ensure compliance with industry environmental regulations. When your valves become dated and require replacing, or simply aren’t functioning as efficiently as they could be, we have a range of suitable assessment, maintenance and customised services available. We are Stockists for DeZurik , Crane, Saunders, Ventomat as well as our own range of butterfly and ball valves.


How We Support You

Our experienced and knowledgeable team can support your venture, whether you are commencing a new project, require repairs or are considering replacing and upgrading your valves. We can assess, advise and supply standard products along with customised solutions.

If you are experiencing difficulties with performance, we have the experience and knowledge to provide practical solutions to improve the functionality and longevity of your system and processing. We can approach your issue with a solution to improve efficiency with consideration for time and cost, regardless of whether you originally purchased the product from us.

Our goal is to improve system performance with a range of services, which include:

  • Valve surveys
  • On site inventory simplification
  • Machining & drilling
  • Services and solutions
  • Modifications & repairs
  • Actuation, including mounting, testing and fitting of accessories
  • Testing & certification of relief valves by NATA approved sub-contractors
  • Overseas sourcing for special design and/or materials
  • Contract supply
  • Joint venture alliances

All our repairs are carried out by qualified, certified contractors with ISO 9000 3rd party accreditation. When you call us, you speak directly to a local consultant who understands your industry. We can attend your office to discuss your project requirements or provide advice over the phone.


Comprehensive Service Packages
Available for Heavy Industries

TVC waves reverse

The Valve Company services multiple industries within Australia.

We offer packages for industries which include:

  • Sales & Servicing
  • In-house fitting and testing
  • Specialised Modifications

If you're seeking assistance for a large project we offer a range of tailored services to provide support, from selecting the right valves to auditing and ensuring ongoing maintenance and functionality



We have had a long association with the marine industry and have developed our range of manufactured products used in this industry. Such high quality products reduce the need for maintenance and repair and improves performance. Along with our long association with Austal Ships, we have provided solutions to military, passenger ferries and customs boats. Our valves travel worldwide and we are always available to provide solutions for wherever your vesssel in located.

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Selecting the best valve for your operation and processes in paramount for efficient, productive and reliable plant operations. The right product can help automate processes and extend plant life cycles, resulting in reduced downtime and improved ROI. We can assist inn providing solutions to improve safety and efficiency and ensure compliance with environmental and quality standards. Our valves can improve the operating performance of plant and pipelines and our ongoing servicing, fitting and testing can ensure optimal performance throughout their life cycle.

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Oil & Gas

With extreme operating conditions and multiple safety and environment considerations, product selection is important to ensure efficient operations within budget constraints and to minimise downtime. Our range of valves work for flow isolation, control and pressure management for both onshore and offshore oil and gas production. We offer innovative solutions to enhance safety and improve efficiency as well as customized solutions and can source products internationally for your unique operation.


Water Treatment

Our comprehensive range offers integrated solutions for water supply, recycling and waste water. Our valves can maximise usage and efficiency of water supply and assist your operation to meet growing environmental regulations. Our products perform various operations, including:

  • Isolation
  • Control
  • Measurement
  • Reverse flow and backflow prevention
  • Pressure management and reduction

Selecting the right product means less maintenance and optimized performance with increased plant and energy efficiency. We can assist whether you're building a new plant or pipeline or need to optimize and existing plant or process.

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Chemical & Process Industries

For the chemical and process industries, reliable valves and services are key. Our experts have a lot of knowledge about chemical and processing plant challenges, and can work closely with you to specify the right valve for each application specific use.  We have 28 years of experience in designing solutions and specifying reliable valves for control, maintenance and emergency shutdown applications.


Whether you are building a new high-performance plant, refurbishing or maintaining an existing one, we understand the pressure you face from performance demands, environmental legislation and industry regulatory bodies. 


Partnering with us, gives you access to reliable knowledge and experience, supply, installation support, modifications and repairs to align with your schedule.


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Commercial & Industrial Plumbing

When it comes to the flow and regulation of any has or water supply, we stock a wide range of valves for water and gas applications to assist with controlling distribution, regulating pressure and managing overflow requirements.



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We supply to a range of industries with standard and customised products and services packages and can tailor solutions for your company and application-specific requirements. We will provide the right solution for your industry, including building and construction, process, chemical and power generation and more.

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