• Size Range 2" (50mm) to 8" (200mm)
  • Temperature Range -40degC to 85degC
  • Max. Operating Pressure Up to 1000kPa
  • Min. Operating Pressure 20kPa
  • Flange/end Connection MNPT, Flanged ASME B-16.5
  • Flange Drilling ANSI 150#
  • Body Material Fusion Bonded Epoxy powder coated Ductile Iron or Stainless Steel 304L or 316L
  • Flange Material Stainless Steel 304L
  • Top Cover Stainless Steel 304L or 316L
  • Float Material High Density Polyethylene (solid)
  • O-Rings and Nozzle Seat EPDM 

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  • High capacity air discharge during pipeline filling
  • High volume air intake for vacuum break purposes, both during draining of water pipelines and/or column separations
  • Independent third-party tested
  • Controlled pressurized air discharge releases air when pipelines are fully-charged
  • Surge relief prevents pipeline bursts during pump trip & rapid pipeline filling
  • More compact & shorter to accommodate existing installations and retrofits
  • Designed for low head sealing as well where line pressures are generally lower than normal

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