TVC FIG IBFLD - Lugged Ductile
Iron Butterfly Valve

The TVC Fig.IBFLDI is a lugged style resilient seated butterfly valve available with an EPDM or NBR seat.

TVC FIG IBFLDI - Lugged Ductile Iron Butterfly Valve


Size Range DN50 - DN600
Temperature -10°C to 110°C for EPDM Seat | -10°C to 80°C for NBR Seat
Pressure Rating 1600 kPa
Drilling AS2129 Table D/E | ASME B16.5 Class 150

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Features & Benefits

  • One-piece body with a through stem design utilising an internal disc to stem connection. 
  • 360° polished disc to ensure bidirectional bubble-tight shut-off
  • PTFE bushings to prevent stem lateral movement
  • Unique stem seal arrangement to guarantee media containment.
  • Can be easily automated for on-off or modulating service with an ISO 5211 mounting pad. 
  • Material and test certification are available.