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Jokaroom Casino is an exciting casino adventure. At the very beginning, you can create your own joka room, which will play the role of a game character in your adventure. You can progress through various levels by playing joka room vip games. Progressing through the levels is worth it, as valuable items, free spins, and other casino bonuses have been dropped along with your adventure at Jokaroom Casino.


When a joka is born, he has a rope on his belt. When you increase your joka room casino by playing casino games, it gets different belts - just like in martial arts. Your adventure at Jokaroom Casino begins with a white belt, after which you aim to get a yellow belt, then red, blue, purple and finally a black belt.


As you progress through the levels, you will receive the values already mentioned. These will go into the "Valuables" section of your account. Each level may not have any valuables, which means you'll get a prize next time!


If you're thinking of a casino adventure, in addition to Jokaroom Casino, there are several other Australian online casinos to play at. Casino Duelz begins with casino adventures where you battle other players and defeat awesome fantasy characters. Along the way, you collect spells that you can use against other players. The stronger you become, the higher you'll be in four different Duelz Casino leagues. The Casino Heroes experience is also combined with features familiar from fantasy games. Instead of spells, Casino Heroes collects bags of treasure, and you grow your own hero in an island adventure. At the end of the islands, you meet Pomo, a ferocious fantasy character.


Jokaroom Casino Coin Rally


The Jokaroom Coin Rally is an interesting daily competition between casino players and is a fun pastime for players looking for a little more adrenaline and intensity to play.


Coin Rally features some of the most popular slot machines, and one regular Coin Rally game lasts 20 minutes and starts every 30 minutes every day. The races start in the morning and continue until midnight. Jokaroom Casino will also hold a 50-minute main event every night at 8 p.m. CET, where the winner will be promised a grand prize of 2,000. And, of course, an after-party at 9 p.m. CET, which will begin with a special 20-minute race.


The 20-minute game will be divided 130-230 rounds, and the main event will have 470 rounds. The numbers have been calculated so that you can spin all of these rounds in the allotted time. Spinning all the rounds in the allotted time will increase your chances of getting more points. Simply put, you can get more points by winning.


Prizes will be distributed as follows:


  • 2 points are awarded for each win.
  • For big wins (15 or more times the bet) you will get 20 points.
  • Three wins in a row earns you 5 points.
  • For every two big wins, you receive 35 points.
  • Mega Wins (30 or more times the bet) earn you 100 points.


A player does not need to deposit a certain minimum amount to participate in the coin draw and can enter if he has the necessary amount of money in his game account for all rounds of a single draw. You can enter the coin toss by betting a round of your choice, and the size of the round bet has no effect on the odds of winning.


Jokaroom Casino: Game Selection


Jokaroom Casino offers nearly 1,600 different games including slot machines, table games, poker, roulette, and jackpots. Games are easy to find with the search function and grouped as needed.


Game usability is top notch as game providers include the most popular game manufacturers such as NetEnt and Microgaming. Jokaroom Casino also has many exclusive games. So these games can only be found at Jokaroom Casino: Abes Saloon, Wild Gruff Crossing, Goblins Go Wild, Adventure Cab, Call of Kora, Wizzard and Book of Bob. These games are very cartoonish in style and seemed interesting after a quick test. Casinoproffa recommends testing these games.