Check Valves

A check valve is a non-return or one way directional valve used in both horizontal and vertical pipelines to convey gases and liquid, allowing them to only flow in a single direction and preventing reverse flow. These are used in mechanical services, domestic water systems, fire protection, hospital equipment and general industry services.

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  1. Check Valve

    AVK FIG 41/81 Res Seat Swing Check Valve Flanged Drilled D
  2. Check Valve

    316SS Swing Check Valve BSP
  3. Check Valve

    FIG 4B Swing Check Valve BSP
  4. Check Valve

    CRANE FIG 147XU Check Valve Flanged ANSI 150RF
  5. Check Valve

    FIG WCVDI Ductile Iron Wafer Style Dual Flap Check Valve Epoxy Painted
  6. Check Valve

    CRANE FIG 159XU Swing Check Valve Flanged ANSI 300RF

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